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Jack Cline, Joe Celko, Dan Morgan and Dr. Steven Lewis

Common Mistakes In Database Design   $99 Register 

Oracle developer and lecturer Jack Cline covers not only the top 5 most common mistakes in database design, but how to avoid them when designing a new database.

This eye-opening course will show you ways to optimize and simplify your database design process, resulting in faster, simpler databases that are also more efficient and compact. This is a must-have class for any DBA or Oracle professional who is tasked with designing or maintaining databases.

Celko On SQL   $250 Register 

There simply is no better source for SQL information than famed author and lecturer Joe Celko- as one of the co-authors of the ANSI/ISO SQL-89 and SQL-92 standards he literally helped "write the book on SQL"! In this exclusive set of lessons Joe gives you over 12 jam-packed hours of amazing stuff, including his famous "Thinking In Sets" lecture, the "Reasonableness" lesson, and his fantastic "Fix The Leak" lecture.

  • Learn the 3 things your manager doesn't know about Data Warehousing
  • Advanced Constraint tricks that will make you look like a Wizard!
  • Why what you don't know about Embedded SQL will hurt you
  • The Windows Clause: how to make it work for you
  • What no one ever told you about Groups, Rollups and Cubes
If you want the inside track and straight truth on dozens of SQL secrets, this set of lectures by Joe Celko will open your eyes like never before!

Inside Java with Dr. Steven Lewis, PhD   $250 Register 

Inside Java with Dr. Steven Lewis, PhD covers the basics of the Java language, concentrating on Oracle's tools and access to Oracle databases. We cover the basic syntax of the Java language and object-oriented development. The course demonstrates JDeveloper, a Java development environment supplied by Oracle and the use of an integrated development environment for code generation and debugging. Methods of using JDBC databases are covered as are the ways that Java can execute SQL statements and procedures. Advanced topics including multithreading, reflection and design are also covered.

  • Java Basics: General Principles and Design Philosophy
  • More Basics: Java Data Types And Java Syntax
  • JDeveloper - How The IDE Helps You
  • Collections and Design: Getters and Setters
  • JDeveloper - Properties, Testing and Debugging
  • Talking To Databases
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Servlets and HTML Generation/Presentation
  • Java Server Pages and JSTL (Java Standard Taglib)
  • Advanced Concepts Reflection, Threading, Development and Design
Renowned Java expert Dr. Steven M. Lewis has been working in the software development field for over 35 years. In addition to lecturing extensively on Java, he helped develop the University of Washington's advanced Java course.

Database Essentials With Oracle   $250 Register 

The Database Essentials course contains over 20 hours of expert instruction and teaches basic logical and physical database constructs, including Oracle installation and configuration as well as working with the SQL*Plus application. Subjects covered include:

  • Data dictionary basics
  • Creating and managing tablespaces
  • Creating and managing heap, IOT, and partitioned tables
  • B*Tree, bitmap, compressed, descending, reverse, and no-segment indexes
  • Creating and utilizing constraints
  • Creating and utilizing sequences to generate surrogate keys
  • Creating and utilizing views and materialized views
  • Creating and utilizing aliases and synonyms
  • Using SQL to Insert, Update, Delete, and Select
  • Working with multi-table joins
  • Working with the SQL WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING and ORDER BY clauses
  • SQL statement tuning with AUTOTRACE, DBMS_XPLAN, EXPLAIN PLAN, and TKPROF
  • Working with single-row and aggregating group functions
  • Working with subqueries
  • Working with built-in string, numeric, and date functions
  • 43 lessons with SQL University Certificate issued upon completion
This is a comprehensive introduction to Oracle operations and will equip students to make use of Oracle in most business settings.

PL/SQL Programming With Oracle   $250 Register 

The PL/SQL Programming With Oracle course course contains over 20 hours of expert instruction and allows participants to extend their skills and learn to build their own functions, procedures, packages, operators, and triggers to write their own database back-end programs. Subjects covered include:

  • Understanding database blocks
  • Writing and passing parameters with stored procedures and functions
  • Writing package headers and bodies and package initialization
  • Writing table, instead-of, DDL event, and System event triggers
  • Creating and using static and dynamic cursors (ref cursors)
  • Array processing and bulk binding
  • Working with Dynamic SQL: Both Native and DBMS_SQL
  • Working with loops and logical control structures
  • Exception handing in PL/SQL objects
  • Working with pragmas including autonomous transaction, serially_reusable, and exception_init
  • Work with Oracle's built-in packages including Advanced Rewrite, DBMS_WARNING, and UTL_FILE
  • Tuning and Debugging functions, packages, procedures, and triggers
This is a high-level course with intensive coverage of the included topics and is not suitable for beginners or those without the knowledge gained in the Database Essentials course. This course will enable students to function in advanced business environments where a thorough understanding of Oracle and PL/SQL is required.

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